How to make the whole family eat healthy?

We often hear that someone (mostly women) breaks down and stops losing weight because other family members are eating junk food. How to get your family used to healthy eating? And what if your family is used to eating fried chicken, shawarma, pies, fried potatoes and salads with mayonnaise... And then one day you decided it was time for everyone to eat steamed chicken, broccoli and avocado bread. Yes, you have a goal - a cool figure. What about your family? They live for themselves, everything is fine, and there are such changes. Of course, the majority will resist to some extent. But you want to take care of your family, because bad food has a negative effect on your health. Therefore, in this situation you can do the following:

Discard fresh food

Take natural spices and pour everywhere. In soup, chicken, fish, vegetables. Seriously, spices save. Especially important for men. For young children, of course, or less spices, or not add at all. Look for compromises and reduce pressure 80% of food can be useful, 20% not very much. If a man has eaten 3 healthy meals, but wants to eat some sweets, let it go. Because his basic diet is useful.

Step by step

The family is used to fried food, mayonnaise, cakes, sweet sodas, and you offer them steam, yogurt, apples and mineral water instead? Act gradually. Replace the soda with compote or apple compote, for example (preferably without sugar, to be sweet due to fruit). Fry in a non-stick pan, 5 g oil, not 50, bake. Make homemade mayonnaise. Over time - yogurt or sour cream with mustard. And instead of cakes, make useful charlotte or cupcakes (recipes are in our program). Gradually you will find delicious useful alternatives to everything.

Baking saves

Potatoes, vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. - Baking makes everything tastier (just do not forget about point 1!).

Great when there is a choice

Made stewed cabbage? You can still bake some mushrooms and make a salad of cucumber tomatoes (while they are, at least). Let relatives have the opportunity to choose what tastes better (everyone has their own tastes, this is normal). Do not worry. Usually, such "tambourine dances" are needed only for the first time to help replace bad habits with useful ones.