How to build your diet and meals?

Tip 1 - Write down all the foods that are in the fridge and that you want to eat in a week.

Tip 2 - Create breakfasts, lunches and dinners using the products listed in item 2, as well as those that are at home. If you enter in the menu what is not at home - write separately in the shopping list.

How to form meals? So that each intake includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For dinner it is better a little less fat, lots of protein and easy to digest carbohydrates (vegetables). Complex carbohydrates, most fats and proteins are better for breakfast and lunch. Let's show by example.

We are working on breakfast. We take carbohydrates: bread or oatmeal or buckwheat or other cereals or hummus or other legumes. Add protein. The same legumes or eggs or hard cheese or cottage cheese or fatty fish. Add fat. Nuts or avocados or oil or seeds or the same animal fats from egg yolks / fish / cheese, if included in breakfast. Ideally, add a little fiber (vegetables, greens or fruits).

For example, here is a breakfast option. We take eggs and hard cheese (proteins and fats). Add 2 slices of healthy bread (complex carbohydrates). Complement greens and any vegetables. Fruit for dessert (vegetables and fruits are fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins).

Lunch is formed on the same principle. We take carbohydrates, such as cereals or pasta from hard varieties. We add protein, such as poultry or meat or offal. Add some vegetables, such as grated beets. Add fats, such as oil and nuts to beets.

Let's move on to dinner. For example, take frozen asparagus beans and white cabbage (carbohydrates), stew, adding sour cream (fat) and tomato paste. Add protein - beans or chicken fillet. If dinner is not late, you can add cereal (for example, half the usual portion).

Look in the refrigerator. Write down what can go wrong there in the first few days. There is sour milk cheese, so there will be a casserole on Monday. Try to use in the menu everything that is already at home, and buy less. That is, if you have buckwheat, barley, corn grits at home - try to enter them as a side dish, rather than buying rice to cook 1 time before the cutlets.