All about menu planning

Everything about menu planning: pros and cons, how to make your meal, useful tips on planning, 2 ready-made examples of weekly useful menu.

Planning: pros and cons

Let's start with positive planning:

Financial savings. Seriously, you will feel it in the first month. According to statistics, on average about 15% of savings from the average budget per month. If you spend 10 thousand on food for two people, it is possible to save approximately 1.5 thousand. Agree, this is a significant bonus.
The best quality and variety of diet. You are planning, so you see at once: a chicken comes here every day, so you need to dilute it with fish. There are few vegetables, etc.
Food environmental friendliness. Have you ever thrown something away? With planning, this is extremely rare.
Convenience. At least for many. Everything is decided and planned.
Ideal for weight loss. You know what you will eat, you know your portions, your life is better at least today.
It is easier to make a shopping list and it is less likely to go to the store.
Save time on cooking. You can cook with stock. For example, in the following format:


sandwiches with boiled eggs for breakfast, buckwheat with fish and cabbage salad for lunch, chicken soup for dinner.


cheese sandwiches for breakfast, buckwheat with cabbage salad and boiled eggs for lunch, chicken soup for dinner. Noticed? Soup, buckwheat, boiled eggs, salad. We cook once in 2 days!


Sometimes you don't want something. Here the main thing is 1 - not to be too carried away by your whims, 2 - while showing flexibility and listening to the body.
Scheduling once a week requires a little time in one day (approximately 30 minutes).
Laziness must be overcome.
It is better to make the menu on the same day. And before you go buy groceries. You write the list of purchases already after drawing up the menu.
Also choose the menu form: paper or electronic. Many are comfortable with electronic. Always on the phone + you can plan while traveling in transport + easy to fix, in which case.